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The Rituals for Recovery Healing Arts Institute, is a wellness studio that helps people heal from and build resilience to stress and trauma. We do this through the RFR Method, a “Trauma Responsive Mind-Body Wellness" (TRMBW™) model that heals trauma on all four levels - the physical, mental, emotional and energy body. The model is evidence-based, consisting of  practices that are backed by clinical and neurological research.

We are focused on reducing the gap between trauma informed education, the art of wellbeing, trauma-informed practice and how it is implemented across the community.


Our Programs

Our programs are offered online in a virtual format allowing clients to take them at their own pace. We offer the option of private one on one classes as well as group format.

Coaching & Counselling

Our range of services include:

  • Trauma recovery coaching
  • Trauma recovery counselling
  • Psychotherapy, clinical services and health supports
  • Mind-body wellness classes and training
  • Healing practices in breath, visualization, sound, movement, and mindfulness.

We design personalized recovery programs that support each person’s distinct path to recovery.

We help survivors find self-care and stress management strategies, identify personal stressors, and design regimes for managing triggers.

Accreditation Programs

In 2022 we will be offering trauma informed workshops, training and accreditation pathways in Trauma Responsive SEL - Mind-Body Wellness including:

  • 200 Hour TRMBW™ Yoga Teacher Certification
  • TRMBW™ Educator and TRMBW™ Trainer
  • TRMBW™ Coach accreditation.

Our training programs are designed for organizational leaders, regional service providers, educators, practitioners, and clinicians~ who are interested in building community capacity, supporting themselves and others affected by stress and trauma.


We offer resources and tools to educate communities around the world about trauma.

Some of those resources include:

  • Trauma talks
  • Virtual wellness classes
  • Webinars and events
  • Downloadable trauma recovery tools and personal assessments
  • Referrals and information about other organizations and institutions addressing trauma
  • Recovery stories and messages of hope from people who’ve healed from trauma
  • Blog posts and more.

Our Team

Our team of practitioners bring diverse skills, abilities, and knowledge, offering a broad range of holistic and therapeutic healing modalities to help restore wellness and promote positive personal change. They are trained in the latest emerging best practices and approaches in trauma-informed care, with qualifications in nutrition, naturopathy, yoga therapy, psychotherapy and more.

Drew Climie

Vania Chopra

Heather Kent

Kiran Bissoon

Lilia Greatrix

Dr. Aoife Earls

Manouk Tideman

Kevin Naidoo

Lauren Fonvielle

Martha Mills

Melissa Holt

Vienna Valeriani

In sharing their knowledge, wisdom, enthusiasm and compassion, our staff and faculty are committed to providing a healing space for our community to achieve a life of wellness and wholeness, helping survivors recover from intergenerational trauma~ and stop the cycle of transmission!

HAI Calendar of Events

We’re Hiring!

We are seeking health and wellness professionals to add to our faculty.

If you are a  certified clinician, trauma educator or expert in mental health, wellness, recovery or personal development, we would like to hear from you. .

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