Help Her Recover Trauma Relief for the Community


Help Her Recover (HHR) Trauma Relief for the Community is a division of Rituals for Recovery focused on providing trauma relief services to women.

As leaders in complex trauma prevention care, we empower women to heal the physical, mental and emotional distress that often result from unresolved trauma. Our HHR-SEL for Femmes trauma responsive programming is designed to help women heal and thrive under all circumstances.

We are proudly fighting for a more trauma informed world free from;

  • intergenerational and complex trauma
  • adverse childhood experiences
  • homelessness
  • mental illness, substance abuse and addiction
  • human trafficking and all forms of gender based violence and abuse
  • vicarious trauma, burnout and compassion fatigue

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We also defend the futures of trauma survivors by influencing public policy and pushing for systemic change that will make recovery services, practices and programs available to them over the long-term.

Our core mission is to uplift under served populations of vulnerable women through  community collaboration, creative leadership, and collective impact.

How We Help

Together with volunteers, practitioners, and mental health specialists, we help women, and their families survive the aftermath of trauma in the following ways:

  • We educate the public on complex trauma prevention and the stigma that surrounds it.
  • We offer trauma recovery coaching, counselling and therapy.
  • We provide evidence based treatments and quality trauma informed care services for mental health conditions.
  • We empower women to start their own businesses by offering life skills, wellness, and healing arts training.
  • We extend opportunity employment giving survivors a chance to rebuild their lives and give back to the community.
  • We are building a network of service providers and social leaders equipped to bring hope and healing to the communities in which they work and live.

How You Can Help

The generosity of our allies helps us provide these trauma relief services to those who need it the most. Show your support by donating to Help Her Recover's trauma relief fund and by encouraging your friends and family to do the same. Your contributions will empower front line workers and marginalized populations against the mental health challenges that their work and life puts them at a high risk of developing.

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