Organizational Trauma Informed Workshops

Trauma: Shaping a Neurodivergent Mind

This workshop is to understand that trauma is a type of being neurodivergent, and how it impacts how someone views the world and themselves in the world. Trauma changes the way you think and process which plays a critical role in how to function in the world. In this workshop, Sydney Elaine Butler talks about their personal experiences, shares their research findings about how trauma impacts your mind and tells you how if you experience similar things how to go about accommodating and navigating their world post trauma, and how to not just survive after trauma but thrive in a world that does not accommodate and understand fully the impacts different types of traumas has on a person.

Being Neurodivergent: A series of Traumas

Being Neurodivergent can be traumatic and cause various traumatic experiences. This is because the world has not always been accommodating to people’s differences or people only accommodate in ways that they assume that people who are neurodivergent are not what we actually need. In this workshop, Sydney Elaine Butler will discuss the different traumatic experiences that they have experienced, other things they have learned other people have experienced as a result of being neurodivergent and how go about instead of assuming you know what people need to be successful, and also recover these traumas, giving them the support, they need from you to be successful and recover from these traumas.

 Meet Your Facilitator Sydney Elaine Butler



HR Professional | Founder, Speaker and Accessibility/Neurodiversity Consultant at Accessible Creates | DEIB Facilitator | Human Resources Consultant at InteractivePDF | They/Them Pronouns

It is my understanding that my professional purpose must be to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to be successful regardless of barriers in their way, and I must as a professional remove these barriers. A 2020 graduate from Sheridan College from the Honours of Bachelor of Business Administration-Human Resources program. I wrote AODA policies, practices and procedures for a non-profit organization and made sure they were compliant and were in the situation where they could better train their employees to work alongside and provide support to clients with disabilities. I have since started speaking and consulting other companies on how to be more Accessible and Inclusive from a Human approach and how to empower and recruit more diverse individuals through lens of Intersectionality and other areas of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in an authentic manner at my company at I founded called Accessible Creates. At InterativePDF, I am HR Consultant, making sure that the e-learning space is more accessible to all types of users who interact with the software and technology to enhance their learning and outcomes.