Rituals for Recovery is an Ontario based non-profit organization whose primary goal is to help survivors heal from complex trauma and combat the stigma surrounding it. We accomplish our mission by working towards the following:

  • Mentoring, guiding, and supporting survivors through their trauma recovery journey.
  • Facilitating and advocating for a more trauma informed world.
  • Educating the public, corporations, and health and wellness professionals on how to be trauma informed.
  • Providing resources that will help individuals and communities expand their understanding of trauma.


A trauma informed world with systems and networks of recovery and prevention; where healing and hope for a future in which equality, justice, inclusion, and harmony are the new normal for all.


As a non-profit and humanitarian community, Rituals for Recovery adheres to the highest ethical standards, and is guided by the following 7 core values:



We deliver our services with policies and procedures that uphold the safety, well-being and confidentiality of our clients and staff. We are committed to transparency, sharing operational activities, stories and lessons with the people and partners we humbly serve.



We identify as an ever-evolving organization that believes in and commits to continuous learning, maintaining peak performance, and staying ahead of industry standards.



We believe in a community-based approach to combating issues surrounding complex trauma. We welcome and foster collaborative relationships with others that share in our vision of a trauma informed world.


Outreach & Advocacy

Through our advocacy and outreach services we defend the voices and rights of trauma survivors and marginalized groups. We also bring attention to the reality that trauma is more often a collective problem than an individual problem.



We support and encourage different forms of volunteering with the understanding that diversity and a variety of expertise are invaluable tools for change. We provide a platform for people to shape the places and spaces where they live, work, and play.



We help trauma survivors rebuild their lives, self-worth, and agency by empowering them with tools for healing and recovering from complex trauma.


Respect & Diversity

We honour and respect the worth, dignity and diversity of all people and have committed to fairness, equality, inclusivity in running our organization and serving our community.


Rituals for Recovery relies on a trauma-informed framework to support those who have been impacted by trauma and adversity. The framework is adopted from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration's Concept of Trauma and Guidance for a Trauma-Informed Approach and is based on the following six principles:


Our service delivery and organizational structure are built to be trauma sensitive. We therefore provide an environment that protects the physical and psychological safety of our clients and staff.

Trustworthiness and Transparency

We conduct organizational operations and decision-making with clarity and transparency to build and maintain trust among supporters, staff, volunteers, clients, and family members of those receiving services.

Peer Support and Mutual Self-Help

We integrate trauma survivors into our organization and learn from their lived experiences to develop services that are reliable, guarantee client safety, and empower them to recover and heal.

Collaboration and Mutuality

Lasting recovery requires cooperation, meaningful power-sharing and mutual decision-making. We stand by the healing of trauma through community and multi-stakeholder collaboration.

Empowerment, voice, and choice

Each client's experiences and needs are unique. We therefore defend personal preferences, include clients in decision-making, and work with them to develop personalized treatment plans.

​Cultural, historical, and gender issues

We actively defy cultural stereotypes and biases, offer gender responsive services, leverage the healing value of traditional cultural connections, and recognize and address historical trauma.

Our Project  Partners


Our mission to empower survivors,  heal complex trauma and combat the stigma around it, is supported by our drive to safeguard the mental health and wellbeing of trauma survivors across the SDGs.

The sustainable development goals we wish to focus on are - to end poverty in all its forms, to advance the health and wellbeing of all, to promote education that is both inclusive and equitable, to further gender equality and women empowerment, to reduce inequalities within and among countries, and to strengthen global partnerships for the SDGs.