Rituals for Recovery Healing Arts Institute



Our mobile clinic and online studio is launching in 2022!


The Rituals for Recovery Healing Arts Institute is comprised of a trauma informed network of holistic health and clinical professionals, who have been trained in the latest emerging best practices and approaches in trauma-informed care.

Our multi-disciplinary team of practitioners bring diverse skills, abilities, and knowledge, offering a broad range of holistic and therapeutic healing modalities to help restore wellness and promote positive personal change.

Rituals for Recovery’s wellbeing expert’s design personalized empowerment programs through the healing arts, to directly support each women’s unique path in the final stages of recovery from complex trauma.

Employing a variety of psycho-educational tools, survivors learn strategies for self-care and stress management, identify personal stressors, design a regime for managing triggers, building resiliency, and reducing vulnerability to secondary traumatic stress in challenging environments.

We offer clinical services, counselling, weekly mind-body wellness classes and healing practices in breath, visualization, sound, movement, and mindfulness.

In sharing their knowledge, wisdom, enthusiasm and compassion, our staff and faculty are committed to providing a healing space for our community to achieve a life of wellness and wholeness, helping survivors recover from intergenerational trauma~ and stop the cycle of transmission!

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