Rituals for Recovery recognizes that survivors need and deserve help that is trauma informed. We aim to respond to the public health challenge presented by complex trauma, with the primary goal of ending suffering through trauma relief support services.

Our Trauma Relief Services
Trauma Informed Recovery Coaching and Counselling

The focus of recovery coaching and counselling is on helping survivors of complex trauma create safety and stability, develop internal and external resources, transform their relationship to past trauma, promote mind-body-emotion regulation and integration, and create the conditions for optimal personal and relational health and well-being. We offer trauma informed coaching at a sliding scale to survivors who face barriers, access to education, training, and knowledge to improve overall health and wellbeing.

Trauma Informed Alternative Care Services
We follow an integrative approach, one in which the whole person is focused on rather than just the mental health symptoms. Our holistic model combines evidence-based treatments in combination with alternative and complimentary modalities to address four levels of healing: the physical, emotional, mental and energy body having a positive effect on overall wellbeing.

Trauma Informed Education & Training
Rituals for Recovery builds foundational knowledge and competency of trauma-informed approaches providing learning opportunities through awareness campaigns, educational classes, workshops, training, certifications and community events.

We educate survivors, helping professionals and the public at large on the effects of post traumatic stress, and complex trauma.

Our programs provide the tools, philosophy, and daily practices to help people adapt and bounce back from stress, adversity, trauma or tragedy, and live life from a place of, wholeness, health, and inspiration.

Rituals for Recovery Healing Arts Institute – Online 2022
We offer weekly wellness classes and healing practices in breath, visualization, sound, movement, and mindfulness.
Our team of expert’s design personalized empowerment programs through the healing arts, to directly support each individual’s unique path in the final stages of recovery from complex trauma.

Employing a variety of psycho-educational tools, survivors learn strategies for self-care and stress management, identify personal stressors, design a regime for managing triggers, building resiliency, and reducing vulnerability to secondary traumatic stress in challenging environments.

Rituals for Recovery is committed to providing a healing space for our community to achieve a life of wellness and wholeness, helping survivors recover from intergenerational trauma~ and stop the cycle of transmission!