Speak Out and Help Her Recover: Real Stories of Hope and Healing from Survivors of Gender-Based Violence

Do you have a story that can transform the life of another woman? A story which shares how you overcame gender-based violence such as:

  • intimate partner violence
  • psychological violence
  • physical violence
  • stalking
  • forced marriages
  • sexual violence, including rape
  • female genital mutilation
  • forced abortion and forced sterilisation
  • sexual harassment
  • human trafficking
  • aiding or abetting
  • unacceptable justifications for crimes, including crimes committed in the name of so-called honour

This is an opportunity to be part of Speak Out and Help Her Recover: Real Stories of Hope and Healing from Survivors of Gender-Based Violence, a powerful book that will support other women who are in various stages of the same. This book will offer women and their support teams rituals for recovering and escaping gender-based violence. The help will come directly through your stories.

You are, because of your survival, a rebel, freedom fighter, trailblazer, an up-leveler who is now a mentor to other women. Your out-of-the box thinking helped you to rise above circumstances that continue to diminish, trap, and kill other women. When you, as a survivor of gender-based violence, join with other women to collectively tell your stories, you make it possible for other women to rise up and know that they matter. This book will share wisdom that can change the world and help other women understand that there is a path out of the ties that have bound them to their trauma.

We will showcase up to 25 women who will present true testaments of how they escaped violent circumstances, offering hope, inspiration, and practical next steps for women who need to hear that their trauma does not define them and that they can move past the shame, fear, and suffering to create the life they deserve.


To help other women: You will present practical steps to move the survivor of gender-based violence into a safer, healthier life.

Legacy: You want others to know what you have survived and how you did it.

Credibility: A book showcases your achievements and gives you the respect that being a published author carries.

Influence: You can influence change in the world by being part of this collective of women who have survived what you have survived.

Revenue: You will receive copies of the book that you can sell. A book is a significant marketing tool for those who already have businesses aligned with the values of this book. 96 percent of businesspeople who write a book report higher earnings due to more clients and through obtaining speaking engagements.


Your story will be professionally edited, proofread, and formatted. If you find it difficult to write, you can record your story and our professional editor will create the best version of your story for you to approve. The book will have a beautiful cover and will be produced to the quality of any book you see in a bookstore.

This is a collaborative project and we will all contribute financially to cover the costs of the professional publishing, marketing, and promotions team. We’ll work together to share the book to ensure its lessons are seen by the women who need to see them and by those who care for them. We will have a launch in November 2022 and the book will be available in bookstores and libraries across the world.

You will receive twenty-five copies of the book as well as full coaching to produce your story. Our writing club will begin in the spring. Your name will be on the cover of the book and you will be listed as a co-author. Your name will be in two national media releases. You will receive images of the book cover and support for how you can use your author status for personal and/or business use. We also provide our guarantee that the book will reach bestseller status on Amazon in at least one category.