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Drew Climie

About Drew

Drew is a yoga instructor, life coach and an avid outdoor enthusiast. Whether guiding a yoga class, a life coaching session, or an experience in nature, his approach is to expand individual awareness and build deeper connections. Awareness of the self, those around us, and how we engage with the world. With increased awareness, understanding grows, and deeper connections can be built.

His philosophy is ‘slow it down’, notice what’s going on right now, and as much as we can, be present. His classes are guided through a trauma sensitive lens with a focus on accessibility. His classes are full of choice and encourage agency in the individual practice. Nothing brings a bigger smile to his face then to see folks making the choice to practice in a chair or using bolsters, blocks, or straps to adapt a form to the body instead of trying to fit the body into the form.

In every session he guides you can expect a balance of grounding into sensation, movement, breathwork, and stillness. You will move your body, soften your breath, and practice focus and attention of the mind. He is trained in Vinyasa, Hatha, and in gilding a trauma sensitive yoga class but now most closely follows the Viniyoga lineage.