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Melissa Holt

About Melissa

Melissa’s deeper connection to mindfulness and awareness began after she received a life altering medical diagnosis in February 2017 which ultimately lead to where she is today as a registered therapeutic yoga teacher and health educator. A significant shift in her outlook began to surface not only when she noticed the holistic benefits she was experiencing from movement, but fascinating discoveries about the different reactions and processes the human body endures were also made while she was studying chemical toxicity, yoga, trauma, and the nervous system. From this place of expanded knowledge, Melissa was able to understand how her adapted survival strategies from childhood were influencing her overall mental health and well being, and was then able to begin to allow her body to process what was necessary to heal.

Overall, the time and effort Melissa put into restoring herself as a whole allowed her to live authentically, and as a result, today she weaves in the learnings from her personal journey with a degree in psychology and a previous career in healthcare, to provide more comprehensive therapeutic services. Using a functional approach, she incorporates a variety of forms of yoga to assist with individual rejuvenation and transformation, adapting to the specific needs of those she is working with. By guiding through the process of connecting consciousness with breath and movement, and using techniques that can be utilized in everyday life, Melissa supports inner body exploration to help bring awareness through grounding and stabilizing, all of which can often lead to feelings of restoration, balance, and empowerment.

With a focus on mental health, Melissa offers virtual and in person private therapeutic yoga sessions, workshops, and, group classes. She particularly enjoys working with those experiencing anxiety and/or depression. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions about how she may be able to support your needs.