Trauma Creates Change You Do Not Choose.
Healing Creates Change You Do Choose


Rituals for Recovery is an Ontario based non-profit corporation, established with the primary goal of ending human suffering through trauma relief support, holistic care, therapy, healing arts classes, education, and training.

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The effects of post-traumatic stress and exposure to trauma are the leading cause of pain and suffering on our planet. This trauma and stress contribute to an array of social conditions and mental health challenges that reduce quality of life.

Limited access, resources, and the inability to rebound from such events, or to be helped adequately to recover by professionals, can subject us to PTSD—along with a myriad of physical and emotional symptoms. Depression, addiction, burnout, compassion fatigue, stress, anxiety, grief, all arise from unresolved trauma.

Rituals for Recovery aims to respond to the public health challenge presented by post traumatic stress and complex trauma serving both our front- line workers, as well as individuals in marginalized populations across Ontario who have been impacted by adversity and trauma.

Our partners are artisans, licensed therapists, health and wellness specialists and social service organizations working together for success.

Collectively we provide hope and healing through a sense of safety, connection, community.

We believe we can practice another way.

Trauma informed care is key to our organization’s foundation and our core mission of strengthening individuals and communities, toward healing and hope for a future in which equality, justice, inclusion, and harmony are the new normal for all.

Rituals for Recovery strives to develop and equip our staff volunteers, members, and practitioners with the Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) knowledge and competency-based skills required to provide quality compassionate care. This focused approach on caring and empowerment has the dual benefit of not only providing further person-centered care to an individual who needs it, but of keeping the professionals providing that care safer and more resilient.

What is a Trauma Informed Approach to Compassionate Care?

A trauma-informed approach to care is a framework of thinking and interventions that are directed by a thorough understanding of profound neurological, biological, psychological, and social effects trauma has on an individual- recognizing that a person’s constant interdependent needs for safety, connections, and ways to manage emotions and impulses.

The Trauma Informed Care Approach realizes the widespread impact of trauma, recognizes trauma is pervasive, understands potential paths for recovery, and realizes recovery is possible!

We believe we can cultivate the skills that break the cycle of trauma.

Rituals for Recovery is committed to providing a healing space for our community to achieve a life of wellness and wholeness, helping survivors heal from intergenerational trauma~ and stop the cycle of transmission!

Learn more about Rituals for Recovery’s Guiding Principles of Trauma Informed Care.

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Our Services

Trauma Recovery Coaching

We mentor, guide and educate survivors on trauma recovery strategies that will move them past their painful experiences. Through either personalized or group coaching sessions, we empower them to improve their overall wellbeing and enhance their quality of life.

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Trauma Informed Alternative Care

We combine evidence-based treatments with alternative therapeutic tools to heal trauma on four levels: the physical, emotional, mental and energy body. In contrast to single level treatments, our holistic approach augments people's prospects for long-term recovery.

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Trauma Informed Education

We help individuals, health and wellness professionals, and corporations become trauma informed. To be trauma informed is to recognize the prevalence of trauma and to therefore treat all people as though they were trauma survivors - with sensitivity and consideration.

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Meet The Founder

Amanda is a teacher, thought leader, and innovator on contemplative practices that breed personal, organizational, and social change. As a survivor of multiple trauma and relational abuse herself, Amanda is committed to making an impact in the areas of trauma recovery, social justice, and collective healing. She is passionate about empowering survivors and advocating for a trauma informed world.


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