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"Trauma Creates Change You Do Not Choose. Healing Creates Change You Do Choose "

Who We Are

Rituals for Recovery is a leading organization in complex trauma prevention and trauma-responsive care. We support helping professionals and human service organizations across the country to incorporate (TRMBW™) Trauma Responsive Mind Body Wellness & Social Emotional Learning (SEL) into their work with trauma survivors. Rituals for Recovery’s training in facilitating the RfR Method as a tool for transformation and healing, along with our ongoing support, strengthens our program partners’ ability to better assist the individuals and communities they serve.


  • Inclusive recovery support for survivors of complex trauma

  • Inclusive recovery support for women and girls affected by gender-based violence

  • Educational resources, trauma talks and programming for schools and the community

  • Organizational trauma-responsive training and certification for community and service providers

Our Philosophy

Trauma is an ever-growing public health issue that requires extensive public education. Changing health care and community culture hinges on increasing the recognition of the lifelong impact of trauma on people’s physical, mental and behavioural health, and the resulting social outcomes.

This transformation requires a paradigm shift for the helping professionals community service providers and organizations, that recognizes the significance of trauma and the importance of a whole-person approach when addressing the impacts of trauma. 

Our Approach

We acknowledge the existence of systemic oppression and commit to breaking down barriers to accessing trauma recovery supports and mental health services for all people experiencing oppression by and within systems.

We believe that communities need to come together around a shared vision, approach and set of intentional actions, in order to sustainably build positive life outcomes for people impacted by trauma or adverse life events. The common that we share is the concept of buidling “trauma-responsive communities.” These are communites that provide a brave space for members to re-experience safety and trust, and provide them with the trauma responsive care, resources, and skills to heal.

Supporting helping professionals, organizations, and communities to address the impacts of trauma and eliminate stigma by providing practical tools, programs & practices that help us heal together.

How We Make A Difference

RfR in the Community

Trauma Responsive Communities (TRC) is Rituals for Recovery’s comprehensive model for rebuilding communities by restoring relationships, providing prevention and intervention services to marginalized groups in targeted neighbourhoods.

RfR in the Workplace

Trauma Responsive Workplaces (TRW) is Rituals for Recovery’s comprehensive model for reimaging wellness in the workplace. We provide consulting along with TRMBW™ & SEL leadership training, trauma prevention, and intervention services. Our training programs disrupt current models of thinking by building empathy and understanding around the effects of trauma and systems of oppression.

RfR in Schools

Trauma Responsive Schools (TRS) aligns with our current efforts to ignite and sustain a community-wide movement to combat complex trauma and stop the stigma and suffering that result’s from it, eliminating ACES, and ending all forms of violence that is inclusive of at-risk young people, their families, their direct service providers, and the institutions that serve them.

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