Trauma Creates Change You Do Not Choose.
Healing Creates Change You Do Choose

Combatting Trauma and Stigma for Those Who Need It!

With the support and unity of communities in Ontario, we help survivors heal from the effects of post traumatic stress and complex trauma.

“Be a Voice Not an Echo”! Join Our Shame Shifters Campaign for proactive complex trauma prevention!

Our Services

Recovery Coaching & Counselling

Through our online or in-person coaching and counselling, we mentor, guide and educate trauma survivors on strategies for long-term healing and enhancing one's quality of life.

Trauma Informed Alternative Care

Utlizing the RfR Method, we heal trauma on four levels: the physical, emotional, mental and energy body. Unlike single level treatments, our holistic care approach augments the prospects of long-term recovery.

Trauma Informed Education & Training

We help individuals, health and wellness professionals, and corporations become trauma informed and avoid services and practices that may re-traumatize people.

Meet The Founder

Amanda is a teacher, thought leader, and innovator on contemplative practices that breed personal, organizational, and social change. As a survivor of multiple traumas and relational abuse herself, Amanda is committed to making an impact in the areas of trauma recovery, social justice, and collective healing. She is passionate about empowering survivors and advocating for a trauma informed world.

Be a “Message of Hope”! Inspire others with the story of how you recovered from trauma!

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