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About Us

Rituals for Recovery is a leading organization in complex trauma prevention and trauma-responsive care. We support helping professionals and human service organizations across the country to incorporate (TRMBW™) Trauma Responsive Mind Body Wellness & Social Emotional Learning (SEL) into their work with trauma survivors. Rituals for Recovery’s training in facilitating the RfR Method as a tool for transformation and healing, along with our ongoing support, strengthens our program partners’ ability to better assist the individuals and communities they serve.

As a non-profit organization, 100% of profits generated go back into our programming to support mental health and community-based programming for children, youth, adults, families, and survivors in need through free, low-cost, or subsidized access to our services.


Strengthening communities and supporting recovery through trauma-informed practices, training, and quality integrated care. We are committed to combatting complex trauma and the stigma and suffering that surrounds it.


A trauma-informed world with systems and networks of recovery and prevention; where healing and hope for a future in which equality, justice, inclusion, and harmony are the new normal for all.

As a non-profit and humanitarian community, Rituals for Recovery adheres to the highest ethical standards, and is guided by the following 7 core values:

Our Values



We deliver our services with policies and procedures that uphold the safety, well-being and confidentiality of our clients and staff. We are committed to transparency, sharing operational activities, stories and lessons with the people and partners we humbly serve.




We identify as an ever-evolving organization that believes in and commits to continuous learning, maintaining peak performance, and staying ahead of industry standards.



We believe in a community-based approach to combating issues surrounding complex trauma. We welcome and foster collaborative relationships with others that share in our vision of a trauma-informed world.


Outreach & Advocacy

Through our advocacy and outreach services, we defend the voices and rights of trauma survivors and marginalized groups. We also bring attention to the reality that trauma is more often a collective problem than an individual problem.




We support and encourage different forms of volunteering with the understanding that diversity and a variety of expertise are invaluable tools for change. We provide a platform for people to shape the places and spaces where they live, work, and play.



We help trauma survivors rebuild their lives, self-worth, and agency by empowering them with tools for healing and recovering from complex trauma.


Respect & Diversity

We honour and respect the worth, dignity, and diversity of all people and have committed to fairness, equality, inclusivity in running our organization and serving our community.

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