"You're not a victim for sharing your story. You are a survivor setting the world on fire with your truth. And you never know who needs your light, your warmth, and raging courage." — Alex Elle

Speak Out and Help Her Recover: Real Stories of Hope and Healing for Survivors of Gender-Based Violence is a meaningful collection of important first-person real-life experiences.

This powerful book project amplifies the voices of 13 women from their twenties to their eighties who present true testaments of how they escaped violent circumstances, sharing their stories of wisdom, and practical steps for women who need to hear that their trauma does not have to define them, and they are not alone.

These writers are showing others that there is a way to live through and with trauma, to find a path to peace and power. This book will spread awareness, provide hope and serve as a valuable resource for prevention.

Fast Facts

GBV is an umbrella term for any harmful act that is perpetrated against a person’s will, and that is based on socially ascribed gender differences between males and females.

Sexual violence Is the most obvious and widely recognised type of GBV. 

Other forms of GBV include, domestic violence, including psychological and physical violence, human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation, forced prostitution, early and forced marriage, forced abortion and forced sterilisation, sexual harassment, stalking, cyber-bullying, hate crimes, aiding or abetting and attempt, harmful traditional practices such as female genital mutilation, honour killings and other.

Women and girls are more likely to be victims of GBV and suffer from all the types of GBV mentioned.

1 in 3 women worldwide have experienced gender-based violence. For women of color or indigenous women that number is even higher. Indigenous women are 12 times likely to be murdered or go missing.


1 woman is killed by her

partner every 6 days.

Physical and Sexual Violence

50% of women in Canada

have experienced at least

one incident of physical

or sexual violence since

the age of 16


100,000 women and

children leave their

homes each year for

the safety of an

emergency shelter.

Cost of GBV

Cost of violence against women totals 1 BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR

Be Part of a life-changing project that will support survivors of trauma around the world.

This book will be a chronicle of recovery for the storytellers and a guiding light of possibility for individuals who are looking for their own path to recovery from trauma.

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