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Fundamentals of Trauma Recovery

Course: 1                      

The Trauma Epidemic: Understanding Trauma & it's Widespread Impact (20 Hours)

The purpose of this course is to broaden and enhance individual knowledge on how trauma manifests and the impact it has on our lives. Becoming trauma-informed allows us to understand why we think, feel, and behave the way we do. It also empowers us to navigate our way back to resilience and wellbeing.

Discover the many facets of trauma and develop an understanding of the lasting negative effects it has on our relationships, health, and wellbeing. Uncover how trauma changes the human brain, body, and the responses it may evoke on human actions.

Learn about ACEs and how childhood trauma has been found to consistently impact neurological, physiological, and psychological development. Hear about the deep roots and history of segregation surrounding racism.

Understand the importance of embedding anti-racism strategies into community frameworks and learn to build a foundation for change. Learn how science and the field of trauma recovery are changing and how that can help us accelerate the process healing.

Course 2: 

Trauma Responsive Mind-Body Wellness (TRMBW) & SEL Foundations (20 Hours)

The purpose of this course is to introduce you to the skills and tools required to heal, grow, learn, and thrive. Because every single person–without exception–has the capacity to experience the qualities of wellbeing.

Learn about the five core competencies, abilities and holistic health dimensions that are integral to human development and optimal wellbeing. Understand how adult social emotional learning (SEL skills are directly tied to our ability to be trauma-sensitive.

Discover how Trauma Informed SEL practices can support every person’s ability to reach their own potential.

Informed by trauma research and backed by scientific studies you will gain insight into the RfR Method, a Trauma Responsive Mind-Body Wellness model and somatic-based approach to healing thew whole-SEL-F from trauma, stress, and other universal mental health challenges.

Discover new tools and simple way s to regain regulation during times of stress. Review the fundamental keys to healing trauma, through the demonstration of embodiment practices and theactive process of self-discovery. Learn how you can identify your trauma responses and use self-directed somatic interventions to master your emotions while increasing self-efficacy, self regulation, and overall health.