Operational Effectiveness

We are built on a strong foundation of operational effectiveness focused on professionalism, quality standards and industry best practices.

Key Organizational Strategies:

Governance & Administrative

We create policies and procedures which focus on compliance responsibility, accountability, and proficiencies while building internal capacity through staff expansion and retention.

Leadership Excellence

We aspire to create a culture of leadership excellence by attracting, developing and retaining only the best professionalswho care deeply about the mission of the company to optimize business results.

Financial Management

We strive to diversify, grow and seek out sustainable revenue sources to ensure business profitability while managing costs and maintaining transparency to our stakeholders.

Communications & Engagement

We value trust and build brand affinity to elevate the image of Rituals for Recovery through a dynamic brand recognition strategy and engaging annual marketing plan.


We strive to align our organization with people, industries and businesses who share our vision of creating a trauma informed world.

Key Organizational Strategies:

Increase Community Outreach

We seek out opportunities for funding to drive service expansion both locally and in new emerging markets around the world.

Communications & Engagement

We strive to create alliances with reputable agencies and associations within the industry to change the landscape and redefine recovery in a significant way.

Grow & Win New Clients

We aspire to build our network and ecosystem of partners so that we can scale our programs and services, boost revenue and increase client loyalty.

Create Collective Impact

We collaborate with colleagues to create a community of practice, to combine resources, extend expertise, increase knowledge and create greater value together.


We value creating connected, healthy and resilient communities.

Key Organizational Strategies

Engage Community Support

We aim to engage community support to form the Community Resilience Collaborative, connecting people to trauma informed resources, training and educational events.

Empower Action & Inspired Leadership

We build brave spaces for healing and transformation,. We inspire each other to strengthen our communities through capacity building and empowering survivors in minority groups, to become the next generation of leaders in true change.

Equip for Optimal Health & Wellbeing

We aspire to provide micro-community interventions, access to clinical services, healing arts classes and trauma informed resources that equip people for optimal health and wellbeing. 

Expand Economic Development

We endeavour to launch our grassroots Healing Arts Institutes and trauma informed community programming through dedicated support systems in a variety of geographic areas.


We aim to become a trusted voice in addressing community wellbeing and a leader in complex trauma prevention through the advancement of trauma informed practices, education and training.

Key Organizational Strategies:

Engage & Influence Decision Makers

We strive to engage and influence decision makers to advance equitable, trauma- informed care and practices to support survivors of trauma. 

Furthering our commitment on education for violence intervention and prevention programs to enable trauma informed and safe communities. 

Rebuild Communities

We are implementing “ACEs initiatives” to identify strategies that can increase trauma-informed, responsive and resilience-building practices to create thriving workplace environments and communities in which people have the permission and tools they need to become their best selves. Together, we will create an engaged and empowered community that is well-informed and active, and that takes ownership of its health and wellbeing.

Mobilize Advocates

We aspire to build a trauma informed world that mobilizes individuals, workplaces and communities to thrive together, ensuring wellbeing, safety, dignity, and advancement through practicing trauma-informed, collective care. 

Deliver Economic & Social Impact

Through a system wide understanding of trauma prevalence, impact and trauma-informed environments, policies, procedures and practices, we aim to end gender based violence, stop the transmission of trauma, prevent ACES, and help communities heal and reach resilience.