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TRMBW™ Coach

This program is the only trauma responsive coaching certification of its kind. Combining neuro-somatic psychology research and trauma informed practices into one holistic healing system, we provide evidence-based tools and trauma responsive interventions as the foundation for your professional and personal development.

Our trauma responsive mind body wellness & SEL (F) coaching certification program is a six month program, designed to equip you to support at-risk children and youth with the tools and RfR methodology to implement in your daily work with these populations.

Stand out in the industry and support the work of your organization as a trauma-responsive professional.

Your somatic trauma-informed knowledge can be the catalyst to break maladaptive patterns and heal communities at large.

TRMBW & SEL Coaching Essentials For Healthcare Professionals and Social Workers

Build on your previous trauma-informed education with a solid foundation to support children and youth in exploring their survival strategies and personal narratives. Learn a set of specific trauma-informed approaches to recognize and respond to dysregulation, and help your clients to learn how to operate within their window of tolerance and return to social engagement. Help at risk-children and youth to re-establish psychological safety through securely attached relationships.

TRMBW™ & SEL Coach & Brave Space Facilitator

Deliver empowering and empathetic workshops, focus groups and sharing circles on TRMBW™ & SEL for families, youth and children to foster safety and connection, build capacity and enhance post traumatic growth.

You will use the 4 domains of TRMBW™ and the RfR Method to create a personalized program plan that employs the 12 Principles of Growth. Engaging in TRMBW™ & SEL Somatic Healing experimental exercises for re-balancing the nervous system, you will draw upon positive and somatic psychology techniques to teach others about their own trauma and stress response. Using the science of selfcompassion,you will move from resonance to resource building evoking mindfulness and empathy during the inquiry process.

Using a strengths based model, you will build a mind body wellness protocol and client care assessment to measure program success and establish a safety plan to identify triggers, develop coping strategies and ensure the required resources and supports are available during times of crisis.

Employing Tl principles you will lead community compassion circles and build a positive environment and culture of BRAVE spaces in the classroom, studio, office, or community.