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Communities of Practice

The key to Rituals for Recovery's impact lies in our collaboration with a strong network of TRMBW™ Facilitators at partner agencies and organizations worldwide. Our facilitators, staff, and trauma-informed consultants — our Community of Practice — share a common concern for the well-being of trauma survivors, along with the passion to see survivors thrive through the transformative and therapeutic power of Trauma Responsive Mind Body Wellness & SEL.

Not only do established and new facilitators across the country learn from Rituals for Recovery’s through trainings, resources, and ongoing support, we are also continuously learning from their feedback, strategies, discoveries, and ideas. These insights are beneficial to our entire Community of Practice, deepening and expanding our collective expertise and ability to best support others on their healing journeys.


Benefits of this model include:

The sharing of best practices in working with survivors.

Addressing challenges through peer-to-peer exchanges.

Access to a growing collection of trauma responsive educational material, information, knowledge, and resources.

Learning from various cultural, socio-economical, and geographical frames of reference.

Innovative curriculum developed from diverse perspectives.

Workshop adaptations based on direct interaction with a variety of populations, settings, and forms of trauma.

Specialized training topics responsive to needs expressed by facilitators.

Belonging to a community that reinforces trauma informed education and self-care to prevent burnout.

Opportunities to collaborate and come together in unity, rather than working in isolation.

A space for inclusive dialogue where all voices are uplifted, identities celebrated, and contributions welcomed.