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Every day at Rituals for Recovery, we are uplifting communities and rebuilding lives. Our mission is fuelled by our desire to give all people the opportunities they need to thrive.
We cannot do this alone. As a non-profit organization, we depend on the generosity of our allies and the passion of our volunteers to help us combat complex trauma and the stigma and suffering that surrounds it.
There are many ways to help others in your community through RfR. However you choose to get involved, together, we will make a difference.
Get involved at Rituals for Recovery by becoming a community partner, making a donation, or learning about our volunteer opportunities.
Survivors of complex trauma who are interested in the practice and profession of peer support can apply to be trained in one of our "Trauma Recovery Peer Support" programs for mental health, mind-body wellness, and personal growth.   
Students can contact us to set up a co-op placement or internship.
Youth may be interested in joining our Youth Leadership program. In this program, we give participants the training that prepares them to start Rituals for Recovery Clubs in their school.