Re-Building & Mobilizing Trauma-Informed Communities

Are you a yoga or wellness practitioner, educator, coach, social service worker,  health care worker, emergency responder or helping professional?

Are you ready to up-skill your qualifications and become a trauma responsive service provider?

Do you want to serve your community in a way that protects their safety, wellbeing, growth and development?

Or maybe you’re longing to take a deeper dive into becoming trauma informed, healing yourself and deepening your own practice in the art of wellbeing?

The Rituals for Recovery Healing Arts Institute (HAI) welcomes you to its 200 hour “Trauma Responsive Mind-Body Wellness" (TRMBW™) & SEL Somatic Healing Teacher Training. 

Unlike other 200-hour Somatic Healing Teacher Trainings, our program is designed to elevate instructors into trauma responsive educators, trainers or community leaders in social change.

Rituals for Recovery TRMBW™ Curriculum

MODULE 1: 50 Hours Trauma & The RFR Methodology

This module is the first step to becoming a Trauma-Responsive-Mind-Body-Wellness Instructor. You will gain a solid understanding of trauma and the RFR method, and why somatic movement combined with a bio-psycho-social approach can be so effective in healing and facilitating a safe space to connect with ourselves.



  • The RFR Methodology and the Truth About Trauma 
  • Bio-psycho-social Approach to Mind-Body Wellness 
  • Trauma Informed SEL and Rebuilding Communities Framework 
  • Healing Collective Trauma 
  • Moving to Trauma Responsive Care
  • EFT for Stress and Chronic Pain

MODULE 2: Body Science & The Impact of Trauma

Module two provides participants with an all-encompassing understanding behind the imprint of trauma on the body and somatic interventions for recovery. You will gain knowledge of the 12 Body Systems, the Musculoskeletal, Respiratory and Nervous Systems.Through the exploration of the biomechanics of somatic movement and restorative asanas, you will employ teaching strategies for each. You will learn about the window of tolerance model and the various zones of arousal, how stress can move you out of the window of tolerance, and strategies to increase the window of tolerance. Through the preparation of sequences, you will practice the RfR Method and gain further knowledge through teaching fellow classmate’s asana postures within the TRMBW™ framework. You will obtain an understanding of the Polyvagal theory, somatic therapy, how to release trauma trapped in the body and safely move someone back to social engagement.



  • Introduction to Human Body as a Whole System
  • Anatomy & Physiology of Trauma
  • Window of Tolerance & Traumatic Stress
  • Restorative Yoga Forms and Somatic Movement Techniques
  • Polyvagal Theory and Nervous System Mapping

MODULE 3: Retrain the Brain Heal the Body

This module will take you on an in-depth exploration of universal energy, the energy bodies, channels, primary energy centres (chakras) and their relation to health issues. You will learn about somatic healing and memory, common somatic disorders, how the body protects itself from further harm post-trauma, and the most common de-armoring practices. Acquire the knowledge to safely and effectively teach different breathwork practices and techniques to calm the nervous system. An introduction to positive, depth and archetypal psychology theory and common trauma healing practices will also be provided, including socratic questioning, guided imagery, dream work, and internal family systems (IFS). You will also be introduced to shadow work, where you will explore and learn to heal the darker, hidden/shameful parts of yourself.



  • The Human Energy System Somatic Memory and the Senses
  • How to Safely and Effectively Teach Breathing Practices
  • Neuroception & Fascia Releasing Techniques 
  • Depth and Archetypal Psychology Practices
  • Spiritual Perspective & Shadow Work

MODULE 4: Rituals for Resilience

The final module reviews the body of literature of yoga and trauma that informs the RFR Method and TRMBW™ Model. Bringing everything full circle, you will learn to integrate various trauma responsive somatic tools and healing arts practices, empowering you to hold safe space and teach with confidence. Through the embodiment of connecting people to the SEL skills and practices needed to respond to toxic stress you will promote mind-body-emotion regulation and integration and create the conditions for optimal personal and relational health and well-being. Outlining the key teaching points of the program, you will be prepared to respond to individuals with empathy, compassionate presence, and attunement, in turn, creating a more wholehearted, healing presence in the world. 

This module welcomes guest teachers in the healing arts space, who will share a diverse range of skills, practices, and tools, which you can implement as daily rituals for recovery and resilience.



  • Sacred Coversations for Hope and Healing
  • Teaching Asana Forms and Applying  the RFR Method & SEL Principles of Sequencing
  • Somatic Tools & Healing Arts Practices for Recovery
  • Exploring Pathways & Ethical Practices

Participants will be ready to take the TRMBW™ & SEL Somatic Healing program off the mat, and into the world!

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Non- Certification Bonuses

Expires June 2, 2024

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Early Bird Price $1997.00

PRICE $2497.00 after June 1st, 2024

With Certification

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Self-Directed On-Line Learning Program

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Live Interactive Training Without Certification


Live Interactive Training With Certification



Module Structure


25 Hours Live Face to Face Via Zoom – Held on (4) 5-hour days and (2) 2.5-hour evenings per month with one week in between fo break for reflection, selfcare, and homework.

Course Materials & Resources

At the start, and through out the program, you will receive: 

  • A downloadable PDF training manual for each module
  • Detailed videos, readings, handouts, lectures and mentorship.
  • Access to a private online portal, program support group where we will be interacting with questions, answers, and resources.

Students will be required to complete all class assignments, homework, and quizes,  The achievement of 80% on all assignments and quizes is required in order to receive a certificate of completion at the end of each quiz.

Upon program completion you may choose move forward in becoming certified.

Zoom Sessions

MODULE 1: 50 Hours

Trauma & the RFR Methodology

September 5th, 7th, 9th, 19th, 21st, 22nd (2024)

MODULE 2: 50 Hours

Body Science & the Impact of Trauma

October 3rd, 5th, 6th, 17th, 19th, 20th (2024)

MODULE 3: 50 Hours

Retrain the Brain Heal the Body

October 31st, November 2nd, 3rd, 14th, 16th, 17th, 19th, (2024)

MODULE 4: 50 Hours

Rituals for Resilience

November 28th, 30th December 1st, 12th, 14th, 15th (2024)

Certification Requirements

Students may choose to become an RfR recognized certified TRMBW ™  & SEL Somatic Healing Teacher. To do so, students must complete an exam as well as a  community capstone project consisting of research, written project plan along with the delivery of an approved 12 - week program in-person or virtually within one year of completing the Somatic Healing Teacher Training program. 

As part of our "Rebuilding Communities Project Initiatives", a requirement for certification is that students will teach the RFR Method and bring the gift of TRMBW™ and somatic movement to marginalized populations within their community. You can choose an organization in your community or we will place you with a RFR community partner of choice.
After the successful completion of the community capstone project, students submit the project for final grading including a recording of the final week/session. The achievement of 80% on the exam and the capstone project is required in order to receive your certification.

Certification Inclusions

  • Students will have a 30-minute private call with a member of our team for Q&A, to discuss community partners, hours and approval of their certification.
  • 20 hours of mentorship: 10 hours live with Amanda to work through your capstone project, and 10 hours of mentorship with our movement facilitators practicing the RfR Method of TRMBW ™  & SEL.
  • A facilitators kit: including facilitators swag, guide, intention stones, consent cards, journal, a deck with TRMBW™ & SEL practices and more.
  • Discounts and bonuses including a one year free individual membership to our community for helping professionals, you can read inclusions here: after the first year the membership will be $25.00/month or discounted to $240.00/year.

Payment Plans & Scholarships

Students who pay in full for the 200 Hr Program and receive a discount. Students who register after June 1st may choose a payment plan. Our policies can be found within the enrollment application. Note: Prior to each course section commencing, each module must be paid in full before program access will be granted. 

Inorder for our organization to remain sustainable, we have changed our pricing structure. Beginning in 2024 we will now only offer a limited number of partial scholarships each year. 

Our scholarship program was created in order to provide access for those who hold marginalized identities and for those experiencing financial hardship. If you wish to apply, please complete the application below and contact us at; if you have any questions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program only for yoga and movement teachers?

Nope, our TRMBW™ & SEL Somatic Healing Teacher programming is for everyone; yoga teachers, educators, coaches, social service workers, wellness practitioners, health care workers, or helping professionals who wish to gain the skills and knowledge to implement trauma responsive services and practices for healing and prevention of trauma.

Are there any prerequisites for this course? How experienced do I need to be with yoga and somatic movement to take the course?

Although there are no prerequisites to take this training, it is recommended that you have some knowledge of yoga, somatic movement, trauma and recovery. A consistent weekly movement and/or yoga and ritual practice for wellbeing is preferred.

Can I take this course if I have already completed another 200 Hour Yoga or Somatic Movement Training course?

Yes! If you’ve already completed a yoga or other somatic movement teacher training course – this is a great addition to your teacher training if you want to become trauma informed. You’ll receive valuable trauma informed educational resources, tools, and information to add on to your previous training. Along with restorative asana, you will learn new somatic practices for trauma resolution.

What is Yoga Alliance? Is this certification recognized and registered with the yoga alliance?

The Yoga Alliance is an organization dedicated to yoga education in the United States. Though the Yoga Alliance is involved in many outreach programs, including the International Day of Yoga, it is best known for setting recommended standards for yoga teacher training programs.

The following topics covered in our program are elligible fora total of 17.5  CEU credits with Yoga Alliance if you are a registered teacher.

Module 2:

Topic: Anatomy & Physiology of Trauma 

CEUs = 2.5 hours (category: Anatomy & Physiology).

Teacher: Manouk Tideman C-IAYT, E-RYT500

Topic: Somatic Movement Techniques

CEUs = 10 hours (category: Training, Techniques & Practice (5 hours) + Teaching Methodology (5 hours)).

Teacher: Manouk Tideman C-IAYT, E-RYT500

Module 3:

Topic: How to Safely and Effectively Teach Breathing Practices 

CEUS = 5 hours (category: Training, Techniques & Practice (2.5 hours) + Teaching Methodology (2.5 hours)).

Teacher: Manouk Tideman C-IAYT, E-RYT500

Registered (Not Certified) Training Programs

Yoga Alliance is a professional association with an annual membership fee. Yoga Alliance does not certify teachers or accredit schools. Yoga Alliance’s credentialing system is a directory, not to be confused with other types of credentialing systems (such as certifications, accreditations, licensure, etc.).

You often see references to yoga teachers or studios being "certified" by the Yoga Alliance.

This is a misconception, because the Yoga Alliance does not certify teachers, but rather registers teacher training programs that meet its minimum standards in the following categories: 200-hour, 500-hour, prenatal, and children's yoga. For example, at the 200-hour level, the Yoga Alliance breaks down how many hours should be spent on each part of the training, including teaching methodology, physiology, philosophy, etc.

If a yoga studio's teacher training program meets these standards, they can register with the Yoga Alliance.

Many of our instructors including the Founder Amanda are RYT with Yoga Alliance. A Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) is a distinction given to yoga teachers whose training and teaching experience meet Yoga Alliance requirements. A RYT must complete training with a Registered Yoga School (RYS), be confirmed by Yoga Alliance and current with annual fees and Continuing Education.

What is the certificate for this training?

For each 50-hour training module completed, you will receive a certificate of completion by Rituals for Recovery HAI.  

You will receive a certificate of completion for our Fundamentals of Trauma Recovery Courses.

For all 4 modules completed you will receive a Rituals for Recovery HAI TRMBW™ 200hr Somatic Healing Program certificate of completion.  

After completing the Mental Health First Course, graduates will also receive a MHFA certificate of completion.

After completing the certification requirements you will be designated and recognized as a RfR certified TRMBW ™  & SEL Somatic Healing Teacher.

Is this training all on-line?

Currently our 200 Hour TRMBW™ & SEL Somatic Healing Teacher Training and 100 Hour TRMBW™ Level 1 & Level 2 Training is only offered on-line. We plan to offer these trainings live in 2024 along with our TRMBW™ Level 3 ~ Master Trainer in-person retreat.

What if I can't attend the live Zoom sessions?

All sessions are recorded. Although we know life happens! If you are unable to attend all sessions, live recordings will be available and can be accessed the following day. However, in-order to graduate you will need to complete the required number of contact hours, homework assignments, lessons, practicum, final test and community hours. To get the most out of the program, attending live whenever possible is best.

Can I start and finish at my own pace? How long does it take to finish the program and when will I receive my certification?

The 200-hour TRMBW™ & SEL Somatic Healing Teacher Training is taught over a 6-month period and can be completed within that time. The TRMBW™ Fundamental courses are 65 hours are taught over three months and can be completed within that time. However, you can start and finish the program modules at your own pace! You have life time access to watch all the pre-recorded videos and live session recordings for each module training. Once you have watched all the videos, completed your assignments, quizes and taken the final exam you will receive your certificates of completion.

How long do I have to access this course?

At the start of the program, you will receive a login and password to the course portal, giving you lifetime access to the zoom replays, course lessons, videos, quizzes and resources.

What is your refund and cancellation policy?

This educational training program is truly life-changing, so we doubt that you would ever choose to drop out.
Once you signed up for the online course your tuition fee & payment plan are however non-refundable. Please review our policies listed on this website. We give ourselves with an open heart, and we trust that you can find ways to receive the invaluable gifts we share.

However, if due to unforeseen circumstances, Rituals for Recovery must postpone or cancel any of our training programs, the option of a full refund processed within 30 days will be given. Otherwise, you may choose to transfer your payment to a future program date.

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