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How Can You Contribute
to the Greater Good?

Discover the many ways you can give, inspire hope, shift shame, reduce ACES, educate and strengthen communities for resilience.

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Your contribution will:

Provide access to trauma informed coaching, healing arts classes, alternative care, and other holistic wellness services.

Deliver and support tailored trauma informed trainings and recovery programs.

Strengthen, educate and empower communities to be a voice not an echo.

Serve as trusted leaders and advocates in the emerging field of intergenerational, complex trauma care.

Become a Shame Shifter! Shatter Shame, Stop Stigma!

A Shame Shifter is an individual, business, organization, institution, network or community, that works with Rituals for Recovery to be proactive in prevention, acting and facilitating the conversation on complex trauma.

We work with our Shame Shifters to break the silence on the legacy of trauma in their communities. Our mutually beneficial partnerships bring outreach, engagement, education, and important programming into a continuum of workplaces and communities.

We are committed to positive personal change, delivering quality trauma relief services in partnership with individuals, families, organizations, and stakeholders.

Social Impact

The Shame Shifters community is a sustainable, grass-roots initiative for proactive complex trauma prevention. We invite you to partner in our vision, for a world where every human being feels safe, has a voice, is heard, seen and empowered.

Let’s create a new ripple effect and legacy of hope and healing in which equality, justice, inclusion and harmony are the new normal for all.

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