Help Her Recover

Help Her Recover (HHR) is a subsidiary of Rituals for Recovery focused on providing compassionate and accessible trauma relief services, in communities of need throughout Ontario.

Working with volunteers, practitioners, and mental health specialists, together we take an active role in transforming the lives of survivors, working as a unified voice for systemic change to prevent adverse childhood experiences, breaking the cycle and transmission of intergenerational trauma.

Help Her Recover inspires a promise of a better future for women who have fallen victim to abuse, including incarcerated women, survivors of domestic violence, rape, relational abuse, human sex trafficking, and coercion. Leaders in social change, we seek to influence public policy, advocating for long term change to improve the lives of vulnerable women and youth in recovery after such harm. We provide access to a variety of creative practices that facilitate healing, foster post traumatic growth, and promote positive personal change.

Our core mission is to provide a continuum of recovery care services, lifting underserved populations through community collaboration, creative leadership, and collective impact.

  • We are a social enterprise that applies trauma informed care principles to address mental health issues, improving the lives of underserved populations in communities throughout Ontario.
  • We provide opportunity employment to stay at home moms, local artisans, and people who have significant barriers to mainstream employment.
  • We create social impact through innovative products and services that provide trauma relief and resolution on a global scale.
  • We offer life skills, wellness, and healing arts training, supporting women in starting their own business, offering full time jobs to survivors and formerly incarcerated individuals.
  • We are building a network of service providers and social leaders equipped to bring hope and healing to the communities in which they work and live.

At the core of our compassion projects, lies the promise of respite, hope and healing to trauma survivors in need, around the world. We offer support and encouragement to face and end the stigma and shame that surrounds the psychological wounds and overall effects of trauma, deeply marginalized by society. Empowering women to become all that they can be. To have a better life, to give their children a better future and to make a difference in their communities.

Learn more about Help Her Recover and our current projects here.

Help Her Recover