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Juliana Trichilo

About Juliana

Juliana Trichilo Cina is the Founder and Managing Director of Smart Self Solutions Inc. as well as Head of Marketing (Property Tax Software) for Rethink Solutions Inc. (an Altus Group business).
With degrees from University of Toronto (Hon.B.A.) and Queen’s University (M.A.), she has focused her career on strategic communications—what she believes to be the most powerful and accessible means of affecting meaningful change. She has worked in private, public, and non-profit sectors with a heavy emphasis on purpose-driven, growth-oriented organizations (including numerous start-ups). She has applied her transferrable skills across a range of industry verticals including public policy, public relations, formal education, adult learning, IT infrastructure, SaaS, FinTech, healthcare, and more. Perhaps the quickest way to understand her is to know her origin story as a first-generation Canadian born into a strong Southern Italian family. Against her family’s wishes and with no financial support or loans, she successfully completed two university degrees and forged her own path. Her entrepreneurial spirit helped her establish her own clientele at the age of 16 in her parent’s beauty salon. Since that time, she has successfully launched and built multiple brands, taken on “hopeless” causes, and reveled in the pleasure of empowering individuals to “fight the good fight.” She’s on a mission to fix broken (and sometimes non-existent) conversations and prove that the word “impossible” is just a dare.
Juliana is a published writer and editor, paid public speaker, executive leader, and marketing machine that is intent on making a contribution beyond herself. With a passion for and commitment to Rituals for Recovery, Juliana is proud to serve as Vice Chair of the Board of Directors.