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Juliana Trichilo

About Juliana

Juliana Trichilo Cina, HonBA, MA, LLB ('26), is an accomplished executive who is dedicated to nurturing purpose-driven communities, causes, and brands. With over two decades of experience spanning startup, public, nonprofit, and for-profit sectors, Juliana has demonstrated exceptional expertise in business strategy and change management. Her versatile background includes impactful work in B2B SaaS and education policy, where she has successfully led a diverse array of transformational projects.

With degrees from University of Toronto (Hon.B.A.) and Queen’s University (M.A.), she has focused her career on strategic communications—what she believes to be the most powerful and accessible means of affecting meaningful change. A lifelong learner, Juliana continues to value self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and behavioural psychology as priority areas of study. She firmly believes that the mastery of hard skills alone is not enough to unlock one's full potential. Instead, she attributes her greatest achievements to her personal journey and commitment to wellness and abundance as fundamental principles.

Like many others, Juliana has confronted trauma in her life. Her experiences have profoundly shaped her and fueled her passion as Board Chair for Rituals for Recovery. She considers it an honour to contribute to the healing and empowerment of others through her work and personal journey.