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Katherine Mandolidis

About Katherine

My name is Katherine Mandolidis and I am originally from Calgary, Canada. I am an artist, dance educator, and completed my Master’s in Dance Movement Therapy at the University of Auckland, Aoteraroa (New Zealand). I value now, more than ever, that dance, movement and play are for all bodies regardless of our abilities and backgrounds. I am delighted to be bringing the love of dance and movement to various communities by focusing on nurturing creative expression, mind-body connectivity, and holistic wellness using Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) approaches.

DMT is the psychotherapeutic use of movement and dance to support intellectual, emotional and motor functions of the body. It is a relational process that integrates emotional, cognitive, physical, and social aspects of self. The DMT approach incorporates knowledge from psychotherapeutic approaches, psychology, sensorimotor & developmental movement, movement analysis and neuroscience.

As for me, I love exploring new and exciting ways to move my body and learning new movement practices. I enjoy hiking, spending time in nature, practicing yoga, and training in Capoeira. I also love drinking coffee in cozy places, getting creative in the kitchen, and travelling to places near and far.