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Kiran Bissoon

About Kiran

Ki is an anti-inflammatory foods expert, gut health specialist, and an award winning Ayurvedic chef & holistic healing nutritionist.
With blog posts published in multiple magazines along with receiving various awards for her nutritional services and anti-inflammatory meals, Ki’s mission is to help you Feed Your Joy.

Ki is here to teach you that feeling unwell all the time is not the new normal. Instead, she aims to empower you to harness the strength of everyday common foods in order to become the master of your health, recover your vitality, and reduce/reverse your pain and risk of illness.

Ki used the Ayurvedic mind, body, spirit approach to holistic healing, which has enabled her to help countless people reduce their dependency on phama meds, by reducing their high blood pressure, high cholesterol and A1C blood glucose levels.
Kiran spent decades searching for help to overcome her own depression and anxiety, chronic illnesses, chronic pain, digestive problems, and auto immune disorders until she discovered the wisdom of Ayurvedic Food + Nutrition and gut health at the Om Tat Sat Institute of Yoga.

Having spoken at events at York University, University of Calgary and the City of Toronto, Kiran is well versed in the stresses and strains that affect our everyday lives and has created programs that meet you where you are along your health journey.
Ki is excited to help you Feed Your Joy, live your strongest life, and become the master of your health.

Contact Ki – follow on Instagram at @kis_kitchen or on Facebook at