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Martha Mills

About Martha

Martha first started to practice yoga as a way to stay fit and focused whilst working as a deckhand and guide out on the ocean and in her many adventures across the world, Martha has lived, worked and traveled to +30 countries in the last 12 years as her practice started to deepen she went and studied for her 200hr in India and then studied shamanic healing techniques in South America before landing in Beautiful british Columbia 3 years ago. Martha is now currently completing her 800hr IAYT certification in Yoga Therapy.

Martha is innately drawn to working with individuals who have been affected by sexual assault, after experiencing her own sexual assualt 2 years go. Martha was left feeling disconnected and unsafe in her body and unsure of how to continue to navigate life. In the aftermath of her assault she found herself disconnected from her body, experiencing panic attacks, living in a heightened sympathetic state as well as dealing with triggers and emotional/body hijackings on a regular basis.

Martha realized that in order to really come to terms with what was happening in her body she needed to learn more about how her body was reacting to the assault as well as the complex trauma from her past that had been expedited by the assault.

Martha found that learning trauma informed yoga helped her to slowly connect back with her body and find her passion for movement and yoga again. It helped her to start to feel into and connect with her body again.

Martha strongly believes that everyone deserves to feel safe in their bodies and that by understanding our feelings and how we react to situations we can better understand how our bodies and nervous systems work. This can be so empowering for our individual healing journeys.

Martha invites her clients to come as they are and together you will create a toolbox of skills and techniques for you to pull from when you need them.

Martha is passionate about teaching her students and clients about using a whole body approach to their healing. A big part of her approach to healing is understanding the importance of good nervous system health, understanding of allostasis in our body, how the immune system and neurological systems in our bodies work. Martha loves adding psychoeducation, anatomy and nature based practices into her sessions and classes.

Martha now teaches Pranayama and respiratory health classes, Restorative yoga, Meditation and sees clients on a 1-1 basis. She also teaches trauma-informed yoga with YogaOutreach which is a non-profit organization bringing yoga to marginalized groups in the lower east side, Vancouver. Martha has completed training courses in violence prevention and intervention, Holding a healing space and yoga for resilience.