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Yvette Murray

About Yvette

Yvette Murray is a Certified facilitator of the Mental Health First Aid Certification. Yvette also offers coaching and training support in Workplace Mental Health Law. A passionate mental health advocate, Yvette loves to travel from coast to coast in person and virtually to provide Mental Health First Aid certification and Workplace Mental Health Law for non-profit organizations, corporations, government agencies, institutions, corporations, and individuals.

Yvette has taught students employed by the Mental Health Commission of Canada, Global Affairs Canada, Federal Government, National Defense, Transport Canada, Coast Guard, Salvation Army, Shepherds of Good Hope, CFIA, UFCW, Loblaws, G4S, Starbucks, and Hospitals. Yvette has taught students across a variety of industries, including human resources, insurance, security, retail, law firms, and many other trades.

In addition to her experience as a mental health first aid educator, Yvette is a Body Language Institute (BLI) Certified Instructor. A graduate of the BLI “You Can’t Lie to Me” Train the Trainer program, Yvette is trained and mentored by the Internationally sought-after Body Language Expert, Janine Driver, New York Times Best Selling Author and Award-Winning Keynote Speaker, the go-to expert in lie detecting and body language for the media, the FBI, CIA, ATF and the International Chiefs of Police.

Yvette is a seasoned entrepreneur, producing several huge consumer trade shows; hosting world-renowned speakers such as Dr. Mehmet Oz, Jenny McCarthy, Patch Adams, James Redfield, Crystal Andrus, and more. Yvette has the foresight to know what needs to get done, she is always ready and willing to assist. She’s a forward thinker and a visionary who has a wise, down-to-earth relatability to people. A Certified Psychotherapist by trade, Yvette’s vision is to assist people to connect to their authentic self. Yvette is also a LivingWorks Instructor offering certified safeTALK Suicide Alert training, a Certified LivingWorks ASIST Suicide First Aider, certified in safeTALK, and is a Suicide Alert Helper. Yvette is also certified in the Osgoode York University Workplace Mental Health Law.

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